Aloe vera can repair after sunburn, calm the skin and reduce burning pain.
If you get sunburn, be sure to use lotion or gel containing aloe to moisturize your skin and repair sunburn.
Apply sunscreen lipstick before sun exposure to protect young lips.
Apply more sunscreen on your shoulders, face, ears and feet, because these parts are less exposed to the sun and are relatively immature.
Wear clothes suitable for your skin color. If you have a light complexion, wear dark green, blue or purple clothes. If you have a little black effect, you can wear black or white clothes to make the black effect more prominent. Of course, if you've got beautiful bronzed skin, you can wear clothes of any color.

Aloe vera can help alleviate sunburn.

If your skin is very white, don't use baby oil to help dry it, you will get sunburn.
Wearing sunglasses in meihei will cause panda eyes.
Applying vinegar to the sunburn will reduce the pain and help recover. Of course, it doesn't smell so good. So don't do it if you have a date.
If you want to be completely naked, don't let those "special parts" also get sunburned.
Don't spend too much time in the tanning salon for the first time. Consult experts to customize your time.
If you get sunburn, moisturize your skin with olive oil or coconut oil and avoid sunlight for a few days.
Don't want to achieve the effect of tanning in one day.

If you want to use imitation tanning products, you can avoid the risk of skin cancer, but you may look a little orange.

Make sure that you are evenly black and don't look like a zebra.
Try not to go to the tanning salon to use the tanning lamp, which is not good for health and can easily lead to skin cancer.
When it comes to tanning, start with a short period of time. If your skin is very sensitive, you can only sun it for 10 minutes at the beginning. If you feel good, you can gradually increase the sun exposure time.
Applying lotion to the reddened area can help the reddened skin turn bronze.
If your skin is white or sensitive, please apply sunscreen with high SPF. Even if it's only 20-30 degrees, you'd better use sunscreen with spf50 or above.