1. What should I do if my skin gets worse after sunburn?

Here we need to talk about professional post sun repair products and equipment. After sunburn, we need to apply post sun repair milk to repair the water shortage of tanned skin. At the same time, we can protect the skin color. There is also a special post sun repair red light. Like tanning, we can remove the light and apply the red light to help the sunburn milk enter the machine, start skin repair, stimulate the production of collagen, and help metabolize the free radicals produced by sunlight, It's good to apply the special repair milk for red light after exposure to the sun (the effect of red light alone is also very good. Long term red light can help fade acne marks, pregnancy marks, etc...)

2. What can't you do after meihei?
During tanning, someone may sweat during the process of tanning, just like taking a bath after tanning, which is cleaner and more comfortable. However, we suggest that you can't take a bath, take a bath or swim on the day after tanning (at least 2 hours after tanning), so you should do what you need to do well before tanning. Fitness beauties and beauties had better do it after practicing that day. Sweating will also affect the coloring effect, so as not to be uneven.

3. What should meihei pay attention to?
(1) When there are serious heart disease, tuberculosis, fever, hemorrhagic quality and other diseases, melanin is forbidden;

(2) In case of nausea, dizziness, fever and other reactions during irradiation, stop immediately and rest in a cool place; Appropriate reduction should be made during subsequent irradiation;

(3) When fatigue, insomnia and loss of appetite occur after tanning, it may be the accumulation of sunlight. You should rest for a few days and continue to irradiate after the symptoms disappear.