The first is proper skin cleaning, the second is correct skin moisturizing, and the third is to do a good job in sunscreen and wind protection. If you do these three elements well, your skin will be better and much better than ordinary people.

1. Moderate skin cleaning: we pay attention to the word "moderate", which means that there is a need for skin cleaning. First, we should pay attention to cleaning and makeup removal. Women love to make up and wear sunscreen or isolation cream without making up, so cleaning and makeup removal is necessary. Second, we should clean and wash our faces. Now the environment is polluted, the haze is polluted, and the dirt attached to our faces is increasing. It is necessary to wash our faces, but we should not wash our faces too often, Washing your face too often will only damage the water and oil balance of your skin, but it is not good. Just wash it once every night.

2. Correct skin moisturizing: first of all, the so-called moisturizing products such as moisturizing facial mask and toner are deceptive. The skin is lipophilic and cannot be hydrated outside the skin. Skin hydration can only be achieved by drinking more water through diet therapy and eating more vegetables and fruits. Moisturizing is to use essence, original liquid and face cream to really moisturize and moisturize. Some people say that the skin is dry, peeling, tight and sensitive. What should I do? Only drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits, and then pay attention to skin moisturizing care. Don't wash your face too much. Your skin will certainly recover to a good state.

3. The skin must be well protected against sun and wind: however, it is definitely not necessary to apply sunscreen every day. Our older generation has never heard of sunscreen, but the skin is still good, mainly because we must adhere to hard sunscreen. Especially in summer, the ultraviolet rays are very strong, and some people get dark when they are exposed to the sun. Why was it that the skin of rural people was black and the skin of urban people was white at that time? It was just that they did not do a good job of hard sun protection. Therefore, when going out in summer, sun protection hats and umbrellas are necessary; In addition, wind protection is also very important, especially in autumn and winter, when the skin is blown by the wind for a long time, it will become dry and rough. When you go out in winter, you can wear a mask to prevent the wind from blowing.