Where should I use sunscreen? 

A: the use of sunscreen should be the last step in the whole skin care, that is, cleansing - Toner - Lotion - sunscreen isolation.

How to apply sunscreen? 

A: squeeze a coin sized amount, apply it evenly to your face, and then gently push it away in the same direction with two fingers to prevent rubbing mud. After gently pushing it away, wait for about 10 minutes, and then apply follow-up cosmetics after the film is formed. The same is true for applying sunscreen to the arm: apply it to the arm more than once, and then gently push it away in the same direction.

Do you need to remove makeup when applying sunscreen? 

Answer: Yes. In order to protect your delicate face, since you have already spent time and money to apply sunscreen, you'd better continue to spend time and money to remove it~