6 Tips for Tanning Lights
1. Before tanning, the skin should be coated with special indoor tanning cream. I will introduce it to you later. The tanning cream may be a little dyed, so don’t wear white or light-colored clothes on the day you want to go for tanning, it will be very uncomfortable. Difficult to wash.

2. Accessories and glasses should be taken off before sunbathing to avoid dividing lines.

3. The tanning shop will provide masks and disposable shower caps to cover your face and hair. It is suggested that if you have a cleanliness friend, you can prepare these disposable items by yourself, and the mask can be replaced by a small handkerchief or a mask.

4. People who rarely bask in the sun may experience endocrine imbalances (similar to acclimatization) when they start to bask in the light. Don't make a fuss, drink more water, and the body will gradually adapt.

5. Severe sunburn caused by sun exposure (the kind that does not fade over the years) can be gradually lightened by sunbathing.

6. Even if the skin color itself is relatively dark, when you first start to bask in the light, if the time is too long, you may get sunburned, so be sure to control the time for newbies!

7. Hydration is very important! Drink plenty of water, and it is recommended to use color-fixing milk or aloe vera essence after sun exposure to replenish moisture to the skin in time to make the skin more moisturizing and radiant. Develop this good habit, otherwise it is better not to bask in the sun.