1. We will know your skin type before using the tanning machine, and determine the appropriate equipment to use through your skin type, including the amount of light and exposure time.

2. In addition, we recommend that you exfoliate the whole body 3-5 days in advance before using the tanning equipment, so that melanin will not fall off with aging cutin, resulting in uneven skin color.

3. If you want to look good in the sun, you also need to take care of your skin (put on the sun lotion), which not only helps to darken, but also effectively locks in skin moisture to prevent sunburn.

4. If the skin is delicate and sensitive, or parts such as shoulders, knees, cheeks and nose are prone to sunburn. In order to prevent sunburn during the use of the sunbathing machine, use a sun aid milk with high sun protection ratio.

5. Repair after exposure to the sun, and the skin becomes dry after exposure to the light. It is necessary to do a good job of hydrating and moisturizing to avoid dry peeling. The use of color fixing milk can delay the aging of the skin and maintain the skin color for a longer time.

6. Eat after sun exposure. Eating hydrated fruits and natural foods can help restore skin elasticity, such as dark green vegetables, various nuts, and fruits rich in vitamin C, which can resist oxidation and aging.