1.Melanotan 2

Melanotan 2 is an injection preparation, which has a good catalytic effect. After injection, it can secrete melanin in the body, and then with the metabolism of the human body, melanin will appear on the surface of the skin, which can achieve the effect of skin darkening. If you want to achieve long-term blackness, you can be properly exposed to ultraviolet radiation, or you can improve it by sunbathing or using fluorescent lamps. Generally, skin darkening can not completely change the complexion, but can be improved by sunlight irradiation.

2: Tanning machine

Tanning machine tanning lamp tanning can not change the skin color at one time. It needs to go through two stages: coloring period and maintenance period.

Coloring period: the process of skin from white to deep. In order to ensure the coloring effect, the time of drying the lamp in the early stage is generally 10-15 minutes, and it is dried every 1-2 days to make melanin precipitate on the skin.

Maintenance period: that is to maintain the color of the skin. In order to avoid skin lightening due to metabolism, sunburn once every 1-2 weeks.