Female skin aging can be roughly divided into four stages: 

Stage 1: 25-30 years old
The age of 25 is the "skin corner period". After that, the aging speed of the skin accelerates, the elastic fibers gradually thicken, the skin oil and moisture begin to decrease, the skin texture becomes thicker, and shallow wrinkles may appear around the eyes and forehead. After washing the face, the skin will feel tight, mostly as a result of the decline of sebum secretion.

Stage 2: 30-40 years old

The gloss of the skin decreased significantly, the oil and water in the skin lost a lot, and the fat in the subcutaneous tissue began to decrease and shrink, such as the depression of the lacrimal groove and the reduction of collagen elastic fibers and other substances required by the skin, resulting in the loosening of the skin and more obvious wrinkles.

Stage 3: 40-60 years old

The skin as a whole is aging, with obvious wrinkles, dark color, loose tissue accumulation, obvious fat, and fuzzy mandibular margin.

Stage 4: over 60 years old

The skin of the middle and lower face is loose, the skin color is poor, inelastic, the subcutaneous tissue atrophy is serious, and the neck also has obvious laxity

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