Check Required Equipment :

1.Melanotan 2            

2.Sterile water         

3.Insulin syringes          

4.Alcohol swabs

How Do I Mix Melanotan 2 :

1. Open sterile water ampoule by snapping off it’s head. 
2. Turn opened sterile water ampoule upside down , insert insulin syringe in it.
3. Withdraw 1ml (100 iu) of sterile water into an insulin syringe
4. Remove the flip-off cap from Melanotan 2 vial
5. Slowly inject 1 ml (100 iu) of sterile water into Melanotan vial.
6. Stir vial gently until white powder has completely dissolved in water.

*  Now Melanotan 2 concentration : 1ml/10mg =0.1ml /1mg