If your skin is in a state of vigorous oil secretion all year round, it means that your sebaceous glands are in a very active state, and the water and oil are unbalanced. Therefore, the most important thing for oily skin is to maintain the water and oil balance of the skin. So how to keep the balance between water and oil? First of all, for the choice of skin care products, please choose skin care products that balance oil, light moisturizing, and contain some oil control ingredients. 

Some skin care products suitable for oily skin will be recommended later. If the skin is particularly oily, you can apply some oil control products in the T area during the day. (products will be introduced later) Secondly, regular deep pore cleaning facial mask can also reduce blackheads and pore blockage. However, please pay attention to the black head on your nose. Please stop squeezing with your hands immediately, as the pores will only get bigger and bigger. About blackheads and pores, see these answers specifically: how to remove blackheads and acne- CC Yi's answer; In addition, sunscreen is also essential for oily skin. Because ultraviolet light will make sebaceous glands more active, and if you don't pay attention to it for a long time, it will also cause vigorous oil secretion, acne outbreak, etc. Therefore, outdoor activities must do a good job in sunscreen.

 I have written two articles about the choice of sunscreen before. What are some good sunscreens- CC Yi's answer; Back indoors, you should wash off the sunscreen as soon as possible. For oily skin, daily makeup removal and cleaning must be done carefully. It is worth noting that oily skin should not use cleansing with too strong cleaning force, otherwise the skin will dry out after a long time. Many oily skins are very keen on exfoliation. I really want to think that if you exfoliate more times, your skin will not be oily. It is not recommended that you exfoliate too often. Excessive cleaning will damage the sebum membrane of the skin. In addition, many people blindly wipe bottles and cans of makeup water on their skin layer by layer every day, and apply lotion face cream on their faces one after another. Skin care should not be too greedy. 

Such excessive skin care will seriously exceed the absorption of the skin, and it will add a great burden to the skin for the oily skin. Please simplify your skin care process. Gluttony is not chewable. Finally, here is a big myth in the skin care industry. Many so-called "skin care experts" (many in the little red book) love to advocate the theory that "skin oil is due to lack of water", and many people who don't understand it eat it very much. In fact, for young skin, most people's skin oil is really oil, which has nothing to do with your lack of water for a dime. Young people's secretion is already very strong, and skin oil is really normal. Properly clean, control oil, and then eat less greasy food. (and wait for yourself to be ten years old) the greasy skin will naturally improve

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