1. Choose a tanning product. There are many kinds of tanning products on the market, and it may be difficult to choose the products suitable for you. Some products will make you black in a few days or a week, and some products will make you black immediately; Some products are long-term, and some can only be washed away after a week or a day. Choose tanning products according to your own needs:

Tanning black products. This product is mostly in the form of cream, gel, spray or foam. Slow acting tanning products usually contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA) or erythritone sugar, which chemically react with amino acids on the skin surface to make the skin darker. One coat will only make your skin darker, but you can use it many times in a few days to achieve the desired skin color.

Quick acting tanning products. Most quick tanning products are spray like, so you can get the tanning effect by spraying them. Some can be kept for a week, and some can be washed away at night. Quick acting tanning products are a little deceptive, because they can dye you black immediately and may leave stripes.

Face tanning products. If you have oily or sensitive skin, choose a tanning product for your face. In fact, most tanning products are equally effective for the body and face, but if you are more particular, you can choose a special face product.

Choose the right color. If you have light skin color, choose light or medium color; If you have olive skin, choose a darker color. If the color is too light for the first time, you can paint it again at any time to deepen the color.

2. Remove excess hair where you want to tan. Too much hair will affect your ability to apply the beauty black lotion evenly. Shave off or remove leg hair with depilation wax (and arms if necessary) to ensure a satisfactory whitening effect.

If you don't have much hair on your arms and legs, there's no need to shave it off before it turns black, unless you want to.

Boys may also need to remove body hair on their chest or back before tanning