When you was in skin tanning,  imagined that you was a chicken barbecued in a converter. In order to make your body get a uniform whitening effect, you need to turn your body frequently to get full solar radiation from the front, side and back. Also notice some parts that are not easy to be exposed to the sun, such as armpits. Or you can choose to sun the front one day and the back one day.

If you don't want to lie in the sun all day, you can run when the sun is strong. This can not only exercise, but also beautify the skin at the same time.

Protect your eyes. Eyes can also get sunburned, so it's best to close your eyes instead of wearing sunglasses. After the eye nerve is irradiated by strong light, it will stimulate the hypothalamic gland to secrete melanin, making it easier to turn black.

Replenish water! Be sure to replenish a lot of moisture when tanning. Jump into the swimming pool to cool your skin and replenish water. Don't worry, it won't spoil your black beauty. Don't forget to apply sunscreen after coming out of the water.

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