Indoor tanning is to use the tanning cabin to simulate the uva/uvb light in the sun, stimulate the skin to generate melanin, so as to achieve the real tanning and tanning effect.

Friends who choose indoor meihei machines must pay attention to choosing regular instruments. Compared with direct sunbathing, the light source in the tanning machine is relatively safer and more efficient, because it uses a selective spectrum. In addition to the change of skin color, there are many benefits, such as vitamin supplement, calcium supplement, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, acne resistance, etc., and the color is not easy to fade quickly after tanning. According to the time of skin metabolism, the skin will be updated once in 28-30 days, so the indoor tanning machine can be very durable. Moreover, there are many American and black places in China, which are available in every city. There is no need to worry about the later maintenance

For newcomers to meihei for the first time, here are friendly tips:

1. The first "virgin sun" should not exceed 10 minutes. Often the effect of the first time is not too obvious, but we can't prolong the drying time because we need to be eager for success. Observe whether your skin has discomfort, red spots, or other discomfort symptoms, and then gradually lengthen the time.

2. In the first two weeks of drying, the skin is still in the adaptation stage, so it is recommended to dry it for 5-10 minutes at a time. After drying, observe whether the skin has itching, redness, peeling and other conditions. If so, it means that your skin is very delicate. Take your time, and then continue to dry it until the symptoms are relieved.

3. At the beginning of drying, it needs to be done more frequently. It is recommended to dry it at least 2-3 times a week. Let melanin precipitate first, and the skin coloring will be faster when the precipitation reaches a certain level. Of course, it varies from person to person. If there is a person with skin sensitivity, it must be determined according to his own recovery, and it must wait until the allergy condition is completely recovered before continuing.