Natural sun vs artificial tanning

Natural sun exposure is simply to bask outside, but it is recommended to avoid noon, because the sun is too strong at this time, which is easy to sunburn the skin. It is recommended that 16:00-18:00 in the afternoon, the sun is relatively mild, so that the skin can slowly absorb the sun.

However, this method should be especially used for sunscreen, and it is recommended to apply outdoor sunscreen, so that it is not easy to get sunburned at the same time. After sunburn, aloe gel or olive oil should be used to apply evenly all over the body to moisturize and repair the skin.

The difference between tanning and sunburn

Of course not. Natural sunbathing is affected by daily light intensity, clouds, etc., so it is difficult to control the whole body to absorb the same light waves. Therefore, skin color cannot be selected, and skin color is generally uneven and dull, which some people call "farmer black". The high-quality tanning machine adopts a constant light wave ratio, combined with different tanning AIDS. It can not only choose specific skin colors such as wheat and bronze, but also make the skin shiny and elastic. In addition, the tanning machine can get the desired skin color faster than natural sunbathing.

What effect does melanin have on skin

Compared with natural sunlight, the tanning machine is safer. The external environment is very different, and the UV intensity is different in different regions and at different times. Improper sun exposure is very easy to sunburn the skin, which will cause deep skin damage for a long time. The high-quality tanning machine adopts pure physical light, selects gold and has a constant ratio, which will not sunburn the skin and maintain a uniform tanning effect for a long time.