Skin allergy, these two taboos should be kept in mind:

1. grasp with hands

Skin itches. Many people scratch with their hands at the first time. In fact, this is a very bad habit.

Scratching with hands will not only accelerate the release of allergens, but also easily lead to skin infection, which will aggravate the disease.

Therefore, when the skin is itchy or allergic, do not scratch it with your hands. You can divert your attention. As long as you hold back for a while, the symptoms of skin itching will naturally subside.

2. no taboos

Many people think that skin allergy has nothing to do with diet. In fact, some people's skin allergy is caused by food allergy, so we should pay attention to eating less of some high protein foods.

And even if it is not the skin allergy caused by food allergy, excessive intake of spicy and stimulating food during this period will also aggravate the skin allergy.

Therefore, during the period of skin allergy, you should pay attention to the diet, do not eat indiscriminately, drink more water appropriately, and eat more vegetables, fruits or light food, which will be more conducive to the recovery of the disease.

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