Hydration: Many people sit in the air-conditioned room at work, and the skin can easily cause dehydration. Usually, you need to do a good job of hydration, not only to drink more water to replenish the lost water in the body, but also to apply hydrating products to replenish the lost moisture on the face

Applying a mask: You can apply a mask two to three times a week to supplement the skin with nutrients

Do a good job of sun protection: Whether it is winter or summer, you need to do a good job of sun protection. The skin on your face is very fragile and is easily damaged by ultraviolet rays. You can apply some sunscreen before going out and do a good job of sun protection.

Sleeping without makeup: Sometimes it is very tiring after a day of work. Many young women fall asleep after returning home. Sleeping with makeup on can easily cause blockage of the skin and hair follicles, causing facial redness and swelling. It is best to remove makeup before going to bed, and do not apply any makeup after removing makeup. skin care products

Light makeup: Many people like to wear heavy makeup. In fact, this is very harmful to the skin. The skin also needs to breathe. If you apply a thick layer of makeup on the surface of the skin, it will block the skin from contacting the air, causing the hair follicles to be blocked. Seriously It will cause initiation, pimples, etc., usually it is best to wear light makeup

Wash your face with cold water: Insist on washing your face with cold water can keep your facial skin elastic. If you can’t insist, you can also wash your face with warm water, but after washing your face with warm water, it is best to apply pore shrinking lotion, because after washing with warm water, the pores are in the open. state, it is easy for dirt to enter the pores