Skin itching is mostly caused by skin allergy. Although skin allergy is a common disease and is not very serious in most cases, skin allergy leads to skin itching and sometimes skin infection, which not only affects a person's image, but also affects people's life and work.

How does skin allergy do?

When the skin is allergic, you can apply some anti allergic ointment or take some anti allergic drugs to temporarily alleviate the symptoms of skin allergy, but if you want to avoid recurrence, the effect is not obvious.

In addition to the poor skin immunity of individuals, skin allergy is mainly caused by the presence of allergens. Therefore, in order to avoid repeated attacks of skin allergy, it is necessary to take more exercise to improve the body's immunity and reduce the chance of exposure to allergens, so as to avoid skin allergy.

Therefore, in case of skin allergy, it is recommended to go to the hospital for allergen examination to find out the cause of sensitization, and reduce contact with sensitizers in the future to avoid repeated attacks of skin allergy.