The advantage of tanning is that it can turn your skin into the color you like. The disadvantage of tanning is that the skin moisture is reduced, which increases the risk of skin cancer.

Like whitening, tanning is a way to change the skin tone, so that the skin color shows the color you like. The skin tone after tanning can make the facial features deeper and the muscle lines more obvious.

The disadvantage of tanning is that it will lead to loss of skin moisture and increase the risk of cancer. Tanning is mainly through natural tanning and tanning in the sun, both of which use ultraviolet rays, the skin receives ultraviolet rays, and activates tyrosinase. , catalyzes the synthesis and secretion of melanin by pigment cells, melanin reaches the skin surface through metabolism, and the skin color changes.

What are the methods of tanning
1) It can turn black when exposed to ultraviolet rays. People lie or stand in a machine with an air circulation system and irradiate them with ultraviolet lamps. This can quickly achieve the goal and basically leave no dead ends.

2) Melanotan 2 Tanning

3) UV tanning.

4) Studies have shown that foods rich in methionine and rare elements zinc, copper, and iron are often eaten, such as animal offal liver, kidney, crustacean clams, crabs, river snails, oysters, aquatic products mullet roe, and beans. Soybeans, lentils, green beans, red beans, hard-shelled peanuts, walnuts, black sesame seeds and raisins, etc., have a darker skin color.

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