1. Who hasn't had a first time? But virgin sun is not the time for you to show off your abilities. The main task of this baking lamp is to make your skin adapt to high-intensity ultraviolet radiation. The time is controlled at 5-8 minutes, and then gradually increase the time.

2. You might as well eat some cheese and bake the lamp. The tyramine contained in the food makes the skin easier to color and maintains a great sense of luster.

3. In addition to traditional sunbeds, it is recommended to choose a color difference adjusted sunbed with two UV lights for a considerable number of office workers in suits, suits and shoes whose faces are darker than their bodies. The unique feature is that the face irradiation adopts the reflection type of average light, and the intensity is significantly lower than that of the tunnel chamber for drying the body, so that the skin as a whole remains at the same color.

4. Wear protective glasses when drying the light, because the thickness of eye skin is only 1/3 of that of other parts of the skin, and it is easy to get tanned. Experts recommend that you only take off protective glasses in the last 3 minutes of the sun treatment to enjoy the beauty of closing your eyes.

This is suitable for men who do not have color spots, otherwise strong sunlight will quickly deepen sunburn and freckles.