It is believed that what we have heard most is that people are prone to heatstroke, skin aging and roughness, sunburn, black spots, sunburn and even skin cancer. In fact, these are the possible disadvantages of outdoor tanning. However, when talking about cancer caused by ultraviolet radiation, we ignore the word "excessive". Any discussion about cancer without considering the measurement standard is a rascal! Next, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of tanning, and how to tanning healthily and scientifically.

Disadvantages of outdoor tanning: The sun is the strongest in summer, and it is in a hot and hot climate. Exposure to the sun will lead to heatstroke, redness and sunburn, irreversible light aging, and severe heat stroke and skin disease. The sunshine in spring cannot be ignored either. The weather is warm in this period, and the skin pores are relatively relaxed and open. External factors can have a greater impact on the skin. At the same time, the sun's ozone content is the rarest in spring. Without this layer of protection, ultraviolet rays will enter the dermis of the skin unimpeded and helplessly, destroying collagen and elastic fibers.

If it is winter or rainy, it is impossible to have regular outdoor sunshine under insufficient sunlight, which makes it difficult to paint and fix. In addition, there are many unstable factors in the outdoor darkening environment. Try to carry out it in an open place, such as the beach, grassland and balcony. Be careful not to carry out it in roads and forests, so as to avoid being polluted by dust and toxic substances. Benefits of indoor tanning. Therefore, tanning is generally carried out through indoor tanning machine (for custom peptide synthesis price list visit us ). The tanning principle of the tanning machine is to imitate the wave band of sunlight (to remove the wave band harmful to human body), and promote the melanin production of the skin through a certain proportion of UVA and UVB wave bands, thus making the skin dark. In order to take into account the effects of anti-aging and skin rejuvenation while not tanning and sunburn, we have also developed a new tanning technology - red light tanning.


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