1.Wear a pair of latex gloves. This will prevent your hands from turning orange. Palms usually don't get tanned, so if you tan your palms, it will reveal that your skin color comes from bottles, not sunlight. If you don't have latex gloves, you can wash your hands with soapy water in the process of cleaning melanin products.

To protect the bathroom surface, you should spread an old sheet or plastic tarpaulin on the ground, and then stand on it and apply it. Avoid high-grade towels and other things. Meihei products are famous for making stains that are difficult to remove.

2.Apply to legs, torso and arms. Applying it from the ankle up to the torso will make the whitening effect look more natural. Squeeze a little in your palm and paint a big circle on your body. Decide how long to apply it until it is absorbed according to the instructions. Only apply one body part at a time to avoid missing any part.

If you use a melatonin spray, the instructions will tell you how far the jar should be from your body and how long each part should be sprayed. If the jar is too close to the body or the spraying time is too long, the skin will turn dark and uneven.

Apply melanin products on the legs, ankles and feet, and use as little as possible. Never apply it to toes, heels or both sides of your feet. Under natural conditions, these places are usually not tanned.

If you want to apply it on your back, use tape to help spread it evenly. A better way is to find a friend to help you.

If you don't wear gloves, find a timer and make sure you wash your hands every five minutes and vigorously brush the nail seams.

Most people won't Tan under their armpits, but it's a little difficult to avoid this area, so it's best to apply tanning products under their armpits and gently wipe them off with a slightly wet bath towel after 5 minutes.

3.Use mixed lotion on ankles, wrists and joints. Mix the whitening lotion with the ordinary lotion and apply it to the ankles, wrists, knees and elbows, so that the whitening effect will be lighter and more natural. Any lotion is OK.

Apply ordinary lotion on the foot surface, and then mix and apply meihei lotion.

Apply a little ordinary lotion on the knee, especially under the knee.

Also apply it to the elbow, especially the part that will wrinkle after the arm is straightened.

Use a large amount of lotion on your hands and mix it on your wrists.

4.Paint your face and neck. Don't paint too much on your face and neck. The skin in these places is easy to darken. First, apply it to the places that will naturally Tan: forehead, cheeks, chin and bridge of nose. Spread it in a smooth circle, and then gently spread the black lotion outward to cover the rest of the face.

Before starting, apply some Vaseline on your eyebrows, so that the melanin lotion will not stay here and will not darken too much.

Be careful not to apply too much melanin lotion on the top of your lips. Here you need to absorb more lotion than other parts of your face.

Don't forget to smear the back of your ears and neck, especially if you have short hair.


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