Whether you get a sunburn or a tan depends on each person's skin type and exposure to UV rays. Anyone can get skin cancer, but people with the following characteristics are at greater risk:

1. Lighter natural skin tone. Caucasians have significantly higher rates of melanoma and skin cancer than other races, as well as a higher prevalence of lighter skin in the same race.

2. Skin that is prone to sunburn, freckles, redness or becomes sore in the sun.

3. Blue or green eyes.

4. Blonde or red hair.

5. Certain types and large numbers of moles.

6. Have a family history of skin cancer.

7. The individual has a history of skin cancer.

8. Older.

In fact, with or without any of the above characteristics, reducing ultraviolet (UV) exposure can help keep your skin healthy and reduce your chances of developing skin cancer. When outdoors, most people are exposed to the sun’s UV rays, and making sun protection a habit can make it safer to enjoy the outdoors, avoid sunburn and reduce the risk of skin cancer.