Your skin is unique. No one's skin will be the same as yours. But you still belong to one of the four skin types. This skin type test will help you categorize your unique skin in order to select the appropriate skin care products.

Before you take a skin type test, you may want to know what categories there are. You may be:

Oily: it is easy to understand this type literally. If your skin is always oily, you may get the answer of oily skin from the skin type test.
Comprehensive type: accident, what an accident! This is a combination of dry and oily skin. So, if your t part (forehead, nose and chin) is greasy, but your cheeks are dry, your test results may be comprehensive.
Dry: if your skin is dandy, rough and often needs to be hydrated, you may find that you have dry skin after the skin type test.

Sensitivity: sensitive skin refers to the skin that is easily irritated (especially when you use a new product or touch a new environment).

You may feel that there is something missing - neutral skin. Indeed, neutral skin types are the most common. It can be said to be water balance, small pores and almost no obvious problems. Basically, this is the appearance of healthy skin you can imagine. It is the skin you must strive to achieve or maintain through the whole skin care program.