Be careful with these signs on the skin

As the skin is a visible organ on the surface of the human body, skin cancer is the most easily detected cancer in the early stage, and the cure rate is very high.

It is recommended to observe your skin in a well lit room every month, especially the exposed parts of the face, back of hands, forearms and legs. If you have the following symptoms, you should ask a dermatologist for treatment as soon as possible:

1. there are abnormal masses or new moles.

2. the original mole or freckle becomes larger, and the color and shape change.

3. abnormal skin bleeding, ulcer, itching and pain.

4. the wound cannot heal after more than one month.

5. "acne" can not be eliminated for more than 3 months. There are tiny blood streaks on the epidermis, sometimes bleeding. When the weather turns cold and hot, it will turn red and peel.

CDC provides "ABCDE self examination method":

A (asymmetry): the mole looks asymmetric.

B (border) edge: the edge of the mole becomes uneven, irregular and notched.

C (color): the color of the mole is uneven. It may be brown, black, pink, red, white or even blue.

D (diameter) size: special attention should be paid to the acquired tumor whose diameter is more than 0.6cm.

E (Evolution) rapid change: the nevus becomes larger, convex or has ulcer bleeding on the surface in a short time