Melanotan II 10mg x 50 vials (5 kits)

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Melanin forms a vital part of your body’s natural response to the harsh sun, and when the levels of this pigment are increased, this results in the skin darkening in colour, also known as tanning. The  Melanotan (and other tanning injections) are diluted with sterile water before they are injected.

Melanotan is basically a synthetic version of the hormone melanocortin. This hormone, which is secreted by the pituitary gland located at the base of your brain, aids in regulating your body’s growth and development and is a vital element in maintaining your energy levels . Melanocortin aids in stimulating and accelerating your body’s production of the skin darkening pigment, melanin. This pigment absorbs the ultraviolet radiation from the sun and therefore darkens the skin. When Melanotan is administered by means of injections over a period of time , the product will semi-permanently darken your skin as though you were tanning in the sun.

We use new protection strategy to solve the large-scale and economic production of melanotan II. Using mild Fmoc strategy.BULKTAN TM Melanotan 2 has a peptide purity level that exceeds 99.0% as determined by HPLC. This peptide was synthesized with no additives and is supplied as a white lyophilized (freeze-dried) powder.All BULKTAN series peptide products can be tested for purity by a third-party inspection agency

Melanotan II Laboratory Data:
Name: Melanotan II (MT-2)
Appearance: white lyophilized powder
Type:skin tanning injection
Size: 10mg
Purity:99.5% min
Package:10mg x 50vials
Analysis :HPLC/MS/COA

Melanotan II dosage
For tanning skin: the typical dosage of melanotan-II is 0.025 mg/kg
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Ariana Nichole
If you are a distributor or have relevant experience, here is a good business partner,good luck 
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Melanotan 2 works well. they are peptide manufacturer, so it is mainly supplied in bulk,
Kendra D Worrell
The group about Melanotan 2 is a good idea.  i can find many friends with the same hobbies on it~ interesting!
Fanny Rosa
Awesome to have an agent in the UK.  fast delivery without any risk~
Joanne Quinn
Looks good. I hope to start the test from the sample order


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