BULKTAN is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Omizzur Biotech. Headquartered in Hong Kong, it has three production bases and two R & D centers around the world. OMIZZUR has more than 250 employees. 35% are front-line purification engineers with strong biotechnology industry background.They have helped omizzur accumulate rich R & D experience in peptide solid-phase synthesis, unnatural amino acid synthesis and other fields. BULKTAN has inherited these experiences in the field of large-scale peptide synthesis and microwave acceleration.

BULKTAN is equipped with advanced, 10 mass spectrometers, many 106 channel and 96 channel high-precision peptide synthesizers, microwave synthesizers, about 100 high-performance liquid chromatography and other first-class equipment, which is the guarantee of providing peptide products with high efficiency, high quality and in time. 8 groups of experienced peptide synthesis teams have the ability to complete 4000 peptides and 500 groups of peptide libraries every month, and complete relevant quality detection reports of all peptides, such as infrared / ultraviolet spectrum, high performance liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum, COA detection report, etc.

At present, the mature scientific research grade peptide large-scale synthesis product line includes: Melanotan, BPC-157, TB-500, PT-141, thymosin, octreotide, somaluptide, etc. Agents have been set up in USA, UK, ZA and other places to complete the rapid delivery of peptide products. At present, we are still looking for high-quality agents that can cooperate all over the world. Peptide products are for scientific research only.