At the age of 30, women's skin begins to show aging changes: wrinkles, sagging, sagging, loss of elasticity, DNA damage and cell apoptosis, dry skin, yellowing and pigmentation.

Intense ultraviolet rays can cause apoptosis of skin cells, some of which are caused by the activation of TRPV4 channels, and the other part is caused by direct damage to cellular DNA by ultraviolet rays. The synthesis of melanin increases, and glycation leads to yellowing of the skin, and some apoptotic cells may produce lipofuscin, which leads to aggravation of pigmentation. Start anti-aging at 30.

The most important thing in anti-aging is sun protection. Use hard sun protection clothing, umbrellas, masks, ice sleeves and hats, and choose the right sunscreen according to your skin type.

1. Healthy skin: It is suitable to use primary anti-aging products based on antioxidants: vitamin E, vitamin C, grape seed extract, tea polyphenols, etc. These ingredients are moderately nutritious, which can lay a good foundation for the skin and anti-aging in advance

2. Lightly wrinkled skin: suitable for the use of polypeptide anti-aging products: oligopeptide-1, acetyl hexapeptide-8, oligopeptide-2, oligopeptide-5, carnosine, tetrapeptide-5, etc. For expression lines, botulinum toxin injection can be used in medical aesthetics. If there is collapse, injection of hyaluronic acid or collagen can be considered.

3. Severe photoaging skin: It is suitable to use retinol products to combat photoaging symptoms: retinyl palmitate, palmitate retinal, etc. Due to the damage of ultraviolet rays, there is abnormal keratin thickening, and the skin is dry and wrinkled. You can also use clean keratin ingredients: salicylic acid, AHA and papaya extract, etc., the aging keratin is peeled off, the new skin is exposed, and the skin looks young.

To buy anti-aging products, you need to refer to your skin condition and age, you also need to have the correct mentality, and you need to clearly realize that aging is irreversible and can only be delayed. Pay attention to a healthy diet and avoid excessive sugar intake in your daily diet (excessive intake of sugar will accelerate glycation, resulting in collagen degeneration and skin yellowing and aging, and collagen loss will lead to the formation of wrinkles)

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