1. The first "virgin sun" should not exceed 10 minutes. Often, the effect of the first time is not too obvious, but you can't prolong the drying time because you want to be eager for success. Observe whether your skin is uncomfortable, red spots, or other uncomfortable symptoms, and then gradually lengthen the time.

2. In the first two weeks, the skin is still in the adaptation stage, so it is recommended to dry it for 5-10 minutes at a time. After drying, you should observe whether the skin is itchy, reddening, peeling, etc. if so, it means that your skin is delicate. Take your time and wait until the symptoms are relieved before continuing to dry it.

3. At the beginning, it needs to be dried more frequently. It is recommended to dry it at least 2-3 times a week. First, let the melanin precipitate. When the precipitation reaches a certain degree, the skin will color quickly. Of course, it varies from person to person. If there is a person with sensitive skin, it must be determined according to his own recovery. It is necessary to wait until the allergy condition is completely recovered before continuing.

4. Before blackening, the skin should be coated with a special indoor blackening cream. I will introduce it to you later. The blackening cream may be a little stained, so don't wear white or light colored clothes on the day you want to blacken. It will be difficult to wash.

5. Take down the accessories and glasses before drying the lamp to avoid dividing lines.

6. The meihei shop will provide masks and disposable bath caps to cover your face and hair. It is suggested that if you have a passion for cleanliness, you can prepare all these disposable items yourself, and the masks can be replaced by small handkerchiefs or masks.

7. People who seldom get the sun at ordinary times may have endocrine imbalance when they first get the sun. Don't make a fuss. Drink more water and your body will gradually adapt


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