Melanotan 2 is a chemical substance composed of amino acids arranged in a certain order. It is a peptide that can be artificially synthesized in the laboratory. Melanotan 2 is an injectable peptide hormone that can stimulate the production of melanin in the body and promote skin tanning without the need for direct sunlight exposure. It can prevent sun induced skin cancer by stimulating skin tanning.

Melanotan 2 is usually stored in freeze-dried powder form in penicillin vials for transportation. When used, the vials cap is opened, reconstitute melanotan 2 by sterile water, and then injected into the skin, where it is absorbed by the skin itself and spread throughout the entire skin.

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how to reconstitute melanotan 2

How To Reconstitute Melanotan 2 Step by Step?

Firstly, you need to prepare the following items:
1 Villals of Melanotan-2 (10mg size)
Sterile Water/Bacterostatic Water Would All be Fine~
1 x 1ml Syringe
Alcohol Swabs

Simple Steps:
1. Remove the caps of melanotan 2 and sterile water bottles and wipe with alcohol wipes. Adequate disinfection can avoid possible infection.
2. Use syringe to draw 1ml or 2ml of sterile water/bacteriostatic water and inject it slowly along the wall of the bottle into the melanotan 2, do not inject directly onto the white powder. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you use 2ml of water, this step will affect the concentration of melanotan 2.

3.Place melanotan 2 in the refrigerator and wait for it to dissolve into a clear solution, which usually takes several hours.

Dosages Notice, how to reconstitute melanotan 2 

For 10mg Melanotan 2 disslove in 2ml water:

1 IUs= 50mcg=0.05mg

5 IUs=250mcg=0.25mg

10 IUs=500mcg=0.5mg

For 10mg Melanotan 2 disslove in 1ml water:

1 IUs=100mcg=0.1mg

5 IUs=500mcg=0.5mg

10 Ius=1000mcg=1mg


1. What is the recommended daily dosage of melanotan 2 to useļ¼Ÿ

The dosage applicable to each person is different. It is recommended to start with a small dosage. If you are a beginner (day1-7), 250mcg (0.25mg) per day is a good start. After your skin has changed, if you want to get a darker color, then you can try 500mcg. 

2. Where on my body can I use melanotan 2 ?
Usually you can use it on the abdomen, legs, you'd better find a friend who is familiar with melanotan to help you, or join our melanotan group discussion on FB, they will help you.

3. Where to get best melanotan 2 source?

 You can find a lot of stores online, the price is about US$20-30/vial, you can try to buy 1-2, and then start to try a small amount, or you can join our group (link below) to discuss, the current group is the largest group on Facebook.

About BulkTan

BulkTan is a subsidiary of Omizzur biotech, engaged in the synthesis of cosmetic peptides, melanotan 2 is the main product of BulkTan. BulkTan has a price advantage in large-scale synthesis of melanotan 2 and quality is guaranteed. The main distribution countries include the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, South Africa and other countries.

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