It has to be said that when busy life suddenly presses the "suspend" button, many people can't accept it at once. In the past, they always thought that children were still young and could not live without adults. Now they find that adults can't live without children. Especially with the development of the Internet, the generation gap between the two generations is also growing. But careful people will find that one topic will never be out of date, that is, how to become beautiful

Since ancient times, everyone has a special love for beautiful things. You can only enter your heart after you first look at them. A good-looking girl is undoubtedly good-looking and good-looking. But if a young woman wants to stand out from the crowd, in addition to careful wearing, she also needs a skin base that can surprise people without makeup. Let's learn how a 40 year old woman can "simplify skin care."~

1: Wash your face with warm water
Washing your face seems simple, but in fact there are many things to pay attention to. For women who often wear makeup, most of the blackheads and acne on their face have a lot to do with facial cleansing. Therefore, elderly women, whether they wear makeup or not, must wash their face with warm water if they want their skin to be white and breathable. This is better than using skin care products.

2: Apply more facial mask
80% of skin defects are caused by lack of water. When the face is dry, itchy and allergic, a large part of the reason should be that the bottom of the skin cannot absorb water. Although skin care products have the effect of moisturizing, if you want to make your skin drink enough water at one time, you should also remember to apply more facial mask. Drizzle and downpour will never make you feel the same.

3: Stick to sunscreen

Everyone knows that one white covers one hundred ugly. The purpose of using skin care products all your life is to make your skin look delicate and white. However, if you don't pay attention to sunscreen, it's useless to apply more skin care products. The skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays is much greater than that caused by natural aging light. Moreover, many spots appear after your skin is sunburned. So stick to sunscreen all year round, which can be sunscreen clothes and sunscreen ice sleeves, But don't forget to apply sunscreen when the ultraviolet rays are strong.


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