As for skin care, there is no such thing as "aging".

For example, if you start skin care at the age of 25, your skin can stay at 25 as long as possible. If you start skin care at 40, even if you use the best products, you just try to keep your skin at 40.

But! Better than no skin care.

Therefore, many people envy the fact that they have a skin condition 10 years younger than their peers, which starts from the age of skin care. From this point of view, the earlier you start skin care, the better. If you are a little white skin care person, start this skin care lesson.

Let's start with the bottom logic of skin care. The skin is an organ, not a testing field of skin care products. So when we talk about skin care, the most basic thing is to maintain a healthy organ. There is a saying, "The last night, the most expensive facial mask." This is a logic of putting the cart before the horse. First, we have healthy organs, and then we use skin care products to maintain them. This is the key to good skin.

We usually meet a person with very good skin around us and exclaim, "Wow, your skin is good!" Then I will ask a very idiotic question: "What skin care products do you use?" Why is it a silly question? Because skin care products are not the only factors that determine whether skin is good or not.

1. Genes and heredity

2. Environment

3. Lifestyle (regular schedule, suitable diet)

4. Skin care products

It can be said that skin care products are weak in the face of genes and the environment, so we can see a more obvious geographical distribution in the matter of good skin. For example, the skin of people in the south is generally wetter than that in the north, and the skin of people in the plain is generally whiter than that in the original area. This is because the skin is an organ that has been exposed to the environment all the time, and its state is inseparable from the environment. Therefore, please control your diet, work and rest regularly, and be oily and rich in sugar. You should control it at ordinary times. Of course, it is OK to release it occasionally, as long as it is not high in oil and sugar every day.

Ask everyone a question: What kind of skin do you think is good skin? White? Tight? Smooth? Glossy? So what is the answer of a professional dermatologist? It's health. Is it easy? But it is not simple. Because how to have this health is very difficult.

If you want to have white, firm and shiny eggshell muscle, the first step is to judge your skin texture. The skin can be divided into four categories: dry, oily, neutral and mixed. In the clinical dermatology department, it is distinguished according to the amount of oil and water content of the skin, which is one of our commonly used standards. But how do you know what kind of skin it really is? In fact, we only need to master a time point to determine what kind of skin we are. This time point is - 1 hour after washing your face.

If the skin is still dry and tight within 1 hour after washing, you are dry skin; If after washing your face for 1 hour, the skin surface becomes oily and becomes greasy, then you are oily skin; If there is no obvious discomfort after washing your face for 1 hour, you are neutral skin. The feeling of mixed skin is more complex. The forehead, nose, nose circumference and jaw are full of oil, while the cheeks are neutral or dry skin.

1. Dry skin

The only advantage of dry skin is that it is not easy to become oily. When the season changes, the skin often feels tight and prone to peeling, fine lines, color spots, skin aging and other problems.

2. Oily skin

On the contrary, people with oily skin are prone to greasy skin, large pores, acne and other problems.

3. Normal skin

It should be said that it is the best skin state. This kind of skin has balanced oil secretion, is not dry, tight, greasy, and has no obvious coarse pores. Although it is vulnerable to seasonal changes, it is not as obvious as dry skin and oily skin.

4. Mixed skin

It has the characteristics of both dry skin and oily skin. The forehead, nose, perinasal and mandibular parts,  However, the skin on both cheeks is relatively oily and delicate. Improper care is prone to dryness, scaling, even red blood, spots, wrinkles and other problems. Most Chinese people have this skin type.

But for basic skin care, only four steps are needed, and no one step can be omitted. We have just mentioned that skin is usually divided into four types. But no matter what the skin type is, our skin structure determines that the basic skin care includes four functions: cleaning, moisturizing, sunscreen, just look for these four. Not more is better, but the best.

(1) Cleanliness: Needless to say, the function is to remove the oil, dust, aged and exfoliated keratinocytes and cosmetic residues on the skin surface. The next step is to wash them first. To complete this step, you need to use facial cleanser.

(2) Moisturizing: It is especially important for the skin. 60%~70% of the skin ingredients are water. The permeability and fullness of the whole skin are guaranteed by water. We use moisturizers containing moisturizing ingredients to increase the hydration of the skin cuticle and regulate the PH value of the skin.

(3) Moisturizing: The water is replenished, so it can be retained, right? At this time, it is necessary to use moisturizing cream or moisturizing milk to add certain moisture and lipid ingredients to the skin, repair the damaged skin barrier function, and delay the water loss of the skin.

(4) Sunscreen: Many people will ignore this step and remove the natural aging of the skin. Sunlight is the biggest inducement for skin aging.

To sum up, basic skin care is the four steps of cleaning - moisturizing - sunscreen.

I don't know. Did you find out? People from different countries, regions, periods and cultural backgrounds have different aesthetic views on facial features, body shape and other aspects. Some people regard thin as beautiful, while others think plump is beautiful; Some people think that European large double eyelids are beautiful, while others think that single eyelids are the most attractive; Some people think tall bodies are attractive, while others think small bodies are desirable; There is no uniform answer to what kind of appearance is beautiful.

But in the case of skin, the standard is extremely constant: delicate, tight, smooth and clean.

To put it more bluntly, women of different ages can have different temperament and beauty, while the pursuit of skin has always been to keep the baby state as far as possible. What do most women do to achieve this?

The most common mistake is to toss cosmetics in different ways and follow the advertisement. What about the actual effect? It is totally a blind touch. In fact, the most particular idea on skin care for people with different skin types is the following four words: matching families.

What does that mean?

In the eyes of clinical dermatologists, the ingredients of all skin care products on the market, from facial cleansing to moisturizing to facial masks, are mainly extracted and manufactured for four skin types. Therefore, the only reference for us to make choices in front of a wide range of skin care products should be our own skin type.

The choice of skin care products is not what others say is right for you; The more expensive it is, the more suitable it is for you.

Only what suits you is the best.

So for different skin types, I will provide you with matching skin care programs.

(1) Dry skin

When I was studying in Beijing, many of my classmates were girls from the south and coastal areas.

They complained to me more or less that after living in Beijing, the original tender skin is particularly easy to peel in winter.

In fact, most of them are dry skin, with little oil secretion. They are prone to small wrinkles around the eyes and corners of the mouth, as well as chloasma and eczema. If they are not properly cared, they are also prone to become sensitive skin.

In such cases, the most important thing is to replenish water. It should be put first all the year round. It is better for others to use a lotion for moisturizing, but you should not use cream. Softener should be far away from alcohol.

The key point of the cleaning process is to be gentle. After washing, the face should not be tight. Don't consider the problem of rich foam. Try to avoid foam or slight foam. The face should be cleaned with a ph value close to the skin. Dry skin is also prone to pigmentation such as chloasma and sunburn, so take good care of sunscreen throughout the year.

In a word, water supplement and sunscreen should not be less. Again, pay attention to avoid becoming sensitive muscles

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