Step 3: make up

The secret to maintain a perfect foundation is to set the makeup, which is essential. After the foundation is made with liquid foundation, you must use powder to set the makeup. The makeup effect without setting the makeup will not last for a few minutes, and it is easy to be mottled Fmoc-OSu. Moreover, the makeup effect after setting the makeup with powder will be more matte and CBZ-OSu soft fog, and your perfect makeup will last longer.

Step 4: eyebrows
If the eyes are the window of the soul, then the eyebrows are the expression of the spirit of the whole facial features. The eyebrows are drawn askew and look like Guan Gong. However, if the eyebrows are painted well, they are just as beautiful and moving as Fan Bingbing. This is also shown vividly on the female stars. Jing Tian is just like this. After changing her eyebrows, her appearance immediately reaches the next level.

Although eyebrows only occupy a part of the facial features, it is not easy to draw a good eyebrow. Many novice sisters can easily draw their eyebrows askew because they do not grasp the strength when drawing eyebrows.

In fact, the poor eyebrow drawing is also related to the tools you use. For the sisters who can't draw eyebrows well, the Xiaobian recommends that you use this four pronged eyebrow brush. This eyebrow brush is completely different from other eyebrow brushes. It is made of liquid material and won't agglomerate or break when drawing eyebrows. It is very convenient and easy to use.

Many sisters always worry about taking off their makeup when they are thrashing, but this eyebrow brush won't. the unique liquid material of this eyebrow brush can form a film immediately after it is put on the face. Even if you sweat, you won't take off your makeup easily. With it, you can easily go out and play, without worrying about the embarrassment of taking off your makeup.