The exquisite appearance condition can not only make yourself happy, but also make a good impression on others in life and work. Just imagine, if your leader is often sloppy, will you have a bad impression on her? Therefore, I suggest that no matter how busy you are in your daily life, you should also take some time to make up.

After all, there are few women with natural beauty. They can cover the blemishes and spots on their faces and improve their overall image and temperament through makeup. However, many workers are pressed for time and make-up is a waste of time. Today, I will teach you some make-up tips to let you make up in the shortest time.

Step 1: clean well

If you want to make a good make-up, you must keep your skin in a good state. Only when your skin is clean and flawless can you make your base makeup more comfortable and natural. Cleaning is the first step before making up. Therefore, try to use mild facial cleanser to clean your skin before making up, so that it is easier to keep your skin in a clean state.

Step 2: moisturize before makeup

As far as makeup is concerned, the most common problems are makeup peeling, mottling and powder sticking. Many sisters always blame the problem on liquid foundation when mottling occurs on makeup. In fact, it is not the problem of liquid foundation. It is more likely that the moisturizing work before makeup is not done well.

After all, when the skin is in bad condition, even if you use expensive liquid foundation, it is useless. Therefore, before applying makeup, you must do a good job of moisturizing before makeup. If the time is sufficient, you can apply a piece of facial mask to moisturize the skin. After that, on the premise that the skin is sufficiently hydrated, the makeup will not be blocked and mottled.