1 Progeline novel peptide

Progeline is a fluorinated peptide, which can protect skin structure after being added to beauty and skin care cosmetics. In addition, Progeline new peptide can also protect skin structure protein. Therefore, Progeline new peptide is also regarded as a new type of skin aging inhibition peptide substance.

2 Acyl tetrapeptide-9

Acyl tetrapeptide-9- 9 can make dermal extracellular matrix and the structure of the dermal epidermal junction of proteoglycans several gene activity, in addition, the base tothe person of chitosan membrane synthesis, synthesis of collagen, there is also a important role in promoting, works in a similar way, with Progeline new peptide can significantly improve the skin structure, enhance the skin elasticity, anti-aging effect is remarkable.

3 Tetrapeptide - 30

Tetrapeptide-30 (proline-lysine-glutamate-lysine) is a protein inherent in human skin. It has been confirmed by UVB irradiation test in vitro that the peptide has a good inhibitory effect on the growth of melanocytes in the dionylated cells.Therefore, Tetrapeptid-30 is widely used as an important ingredient in freckle-removing products.

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