The Syn - Hycan

Syn-hycan is the new tripeptide SYN-HyCAN, which can effectively promote the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the skin, thus further locking the skin nutrients and moisture, thus maintaining the health of the skin.Syn-hycan also stimulates the production of stronger collagen, which increases water retention.With the continuous closer and progress of science and technology, in the field of beauty, skin care, cosmetic research and design is more and more like science and technology, many enterprises are committed to the research and development of more new bioactive, functional beauty polypeptides.As can be seen from the above, most of the bioactive peptides first used in beauty and skin care products are natural ingredients, but with the progress of biochemical technology, people can better use synthetic chemistry to prepare more multifunctional peptides.Therefore, there will be more beauty peptides with new functions and uses in the near future Being developed and applied.

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