Nonapeptide whitening

When the skin by external stimuli or ultraviolet light, located in the basal layer cells of alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone will be combined with receptors on the melanocytes, direct stimulation of melanin cells, activate the tyramine acid enzymes, begin to secrete black element, nine peptide can block, suspension in the melanin formation source of alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone message transmission,Avoid binding to the supra-receptor of melanocytes to reduce the chance of melanin production.

Copper peptiderevitalize the skin

Cyanopeptide is the perfect formula for divalent copper + tripeptide

Cuprin was first used as an oral medicine to treat gastric ulcers.Copper is one of the basic elements of the body and is used in skin tissue to help heal wounds.Copper ions cannot enter the bottom layer of the skin alone, therefore, through glycine, ionine, histidine, etc., and a copper ion linked to the blue copper peptide, the copper can be introduced into the skin, perfect revitalizing effect.Azanthocyanin can effectively promote collagen and elastin production and antioxidant energy, and penetrate deeper into the skin to promote self-repair ability and play the ultimate effect of smoothing wrinkles.In addition, cyancopper peptide is non-irritating and friendly to sensitive skin.