1: The water temperature is not well controlled
The water temperature is particularly important when washing the face. When the water temperature is not suitable, the face will be tight or airtight after washing. In fact, no matter whether it is tight or airtight, it is an abnormal reaction for the skin. The skin that is really clean and in place is completely free of tightness and thickness, and there will be a feeling of pores breathing.

To wash your face clean, you need to control the water temperature according to the temperature throughout the year. When it is cold, the water temperature is slightly hot, and when it is hot, the water temperature is slightly cool. Keeping the water temperature a few degrees higher than your body temperature is the best temperature for washing your face. Only when you wash your face with this water temperature can you clean and breathe.

2: Foam is not dense enough
When many people wash their faces, they start to rub their faces with facial cleanser or soap before they get foam. Little do they realize that this will only destroy the barrier of the skin, and will not play a great cleaning role at all. Moreover, the garbage in the pores can not be cleaned at all. They feel that they have been cleaned. In fact, they are still far from being cleaned.

The correct way to wash your face is to rub a large amount of foam in your hands and then rub it on your face. Only in this way can foam penetrate into your pores to adsorb the dirt inside. Of course, some friends who are afraid of trouble don't like to use cleansing products with too much foam, so don't complain about blackheads and acne on your face.

3: Insufficient rubbing time
How long does it take you to wash your face? Some knead with their heart and wish they could come for a minute or two. Some foam is just on their face and can be waved with a big hand. The washed face is very different. One is that they are over cleaned and the barrier is damaged. The other is that they are not cleaned properly and the pores are easy to be blocked.

If you want to wash your face clean, gently massage your face in circles with your hands for 60 seconds after the facial cleanser has rubbed out foam. In areas where oil is easy to come out during massage, you should be particularly clean. Only in this way can you call it "effective face washing", and only in this way can you ensure that your face is dry. Otherwise, it will be useless to wash it, and there will still be defects on your face.


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