Yaar Major:

Hey everyone!

First thanks to all the people who shared their experience!

I'm just about to start taking MT2.

After reading lots of posts, youtube and blogs I found that no one really knows what is the right way to take MT2.

Some people are injecting into a vial of 10 mg 2ml of Bacteriostatic Water and some 1ml.

Some are bodybuilders and some are individuals.


First, I want to ask if the loading phase is necessary?

I read that the loading phase can cause side effects such as growing new freckles and new moles if you are prone.

Here is a quote from one of the blogs I read that really makes sense to me and I would like to share with you and ask your feedback.

- “Administration should NEVER be done on days that you are not going tanning.

Tanning should always follow Melanotan II administration within an hour of the shot.”

“If you expose yourself to sun after a loading phase (typical protocol found online), all that built up melanin will oxidize in the exposed areas leading to a dramatic tanning effect and thus uneven tanning.”

“If you just administer at night the body increases melanin production in areas with greater natural melanocyte activity, genitals, freckles, moles, etc… leading to many of the sides reported with MT, but if used in conjunction with UV, the body has mechanisms to increase melanin production and melanocyte activity in areas that need the production to protect from UV photodamage, such as the skin.”

I am not in a rush to be tan.

My skin is type 1, never gets tan only burn and I have freckles as well.

It's more important that in the end it will look good and even tan and if possible no more freckles and moles haha.

Finally, I think I will go in the middle.

Also I'll be happy to hear your opinion.  -

10mg of MT2, 1.5ml of Bacteriostatic Water.

First 3 days - 50 mcg letting my body getting used to the MT2.

4 day - 170mcg pre tanning bed. (for 3 sessions)

After 3 sessions -

250mcg hopefully I will arrive at the colour I want and I will continue just to maintain it.

I hope this post helps others as well.


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