1.Exfoliate the whole body 5 days ago

The skin surrounded by old waste horniness will have a lot of poor coloring, so exfoliating in advance is the premise of drying out a beautiful complexion. However, the time should not be the day before, because the horny skin has just been thinned, and the sun is easy to make the skin dry and itchy. The best way is to exfoliate the whole body 3-5 days in advance.

2. Good mental state, even drying effect

Sleep quality can also affect the effect of tanning. When in good condition, the metabolism and detoxification functions of the skin are smooth, and the melanin may be more uniform, and the effect is closer to your expectations.

3. Skillfully use pre sun products

Apply some protective products before sun exposure. If you want to achieve the effect quickly, you can choose one that helps the sun exposure effect. The main purpose of applying the product is to keep your skin dry after sunburn, so that your skin will be more shiny and beautiful. The amount does not need to be painted very thick, but it must be uniform. Sometimes it may be that the details are not painted, and it may peel and itch. But it will be all right in a few days.

4. Repair after sun exposure

Using post sun repair cream can slow down the aging of skin and make your tanning effect more lasting. Pay attention to hydrating and moisturizing the skin in time to avoid dry skin peeling. In addition, it is easy to thicken the cuticle after exposure to the sun, resulting in dull skin color. You can choose a body cream that is not very irritating and has a slight exfoliating effect as the body film, twice a week, to make your skin dark and healthy. Eat less food and drinks rich in vitamin B or vitamin C after exposure to the sun, which are easy to make tanned skin "white".

Matters needing attention
① When there are serious heart disease, tuberculosis, fever, hemorrhagic quality and other diseases, melanin is forbidden;
② In case of nausea, dizziness, fever and other reactions during irradiation, stop immediately and rest in a cool place; Appropriate reduction should be made during subsequent irradiation;
③ When fatigue, insomnia and loss of appetite occur after tanning, it may be the accumulation of sunlight. You should rest for a few days and continue to irradiate after the symptoms disappear;
④ Before each blacking, it's best to take a short air bath first, and then wipe yourself with cold water after blacking.

⑤ When tanning, you must pay attention to protect your skin from sunburn, or choose natural and safe cosmetics, not too greasy, otherwise it will put too much pressure on your skin


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