The main steps of skin care include: makeup removal, cleansing, toner, essence, lotion (gel, gel), face cream, sunscreen, isolation, BB cream, color makeup, etc. Everyone has different skin conditions, different living and working environments, different skin care concepts, and different skin care steps. In other words, there is no uniform skin care procedure. However, in order to keep the skin in a stable state, various skin problems will not occur prematurely. Basic skin care is a must. Basic nursing includes cleaning, moisturizing and sunscreen

Makeup removal
Makeup removal is a part of skin cleaning and the first step of skin care. Make up removal can clean some makeup and dirt that cannot be cleaned by facial cleanser, keep the skin clean, and avoid blackheads, acne and acne. Makeup removal products are accompanied by sunscreen and color makeup. Sunscreen protects the skin, color makeup brings beauty, and makeup removal restores the skin to its natural state. However, for the purpose of selling more products, cosmetic manufacturers overemphasize the use of makeup removal products. Many make-up products that can be cleaned with facial cleansers also emphasize the use of makeup removal products. Even more, without sunscreen and makeup, consumers are told to remove makeup every day. The skin is excessively cleaned, resulting in dry and sensitive skin, which turns the wall skin into sensitive muscle.

If you do not use sunscreen and makeup, there is no need to use makeup remover. Even if you use sunscreen and makeup every day, you don't have to remove makeup. Some can be cleaned with facial cleanser, some can be cleaned with facial cleanser, and deep cleaning with makeup removal products once a week is enough. Of course, Fmoc-OSu for the makeup that is difficult to remove, you still need to use makeup removal products. After writing makeup, you must do a good job in the subsequent moisturizing steps.

Cleansing has become a part of daily life and is an essential step in skin care. It's just that the nature of the skin is different, and the time difference in choosing cleansing products is different.

For large oily skin, in the season of vigorous oil secretion, you can choose cleansing products with deep cleansing effect, such as soap based, SLS, sles and other types of facial cleansers. If you are worried about excessive cleaning, you can use a mild amino acid cleanser in the morning and use soap base to clean the skin in the evening. If it is a cold season, the oil secretion is reduced, and the soap based facial cleanser has too strong cleaning power, you can use products compounded with soap based and other mild surfactants, such as amino acid surfactant + soap based.

For mixed skin, amino acid facial cleanser with stronger cleaning ability can basically meet the needs. If you feel that the cleaning power is not enough, you can choose amino acid + soap based facial cleanser. If the cleaning power is too strong, you can choose amino acid facial cleanser with less cleaning power.

For neutral or dry skin, mild and weak cleaning amino acid facial cleanser can basically meet the needs. If the skin is extremely dry and will dry with amino acid cleanser, you can choose alkyl polyglycoside (APG) cleansing products, or choose non foaming cleanser without surfactant.

For sensitive, fragile or allergic skin, you can temporarily stop using cleansing products and only wash your face with water. Or wash your face with clean water in the morning, and use a special facial cleanser for sensitive skin in the evening. Washing your face with clean water is only a phased measure. After the skin is stable, you should still use cleansing products to wash your face.