1. Thoroughly clean the skin. This is the foundation of all skin care and the most important step. If the skin is not cleaned properly, the subsequent skin care will be lost. Usually, we need to ensure that the skin is cleaned twice in the morning and evening, especially at night, which is the repair period of the skin. If the cleaning is not in place, the pores will be blocked.

2. Regular application of facial mask can regulate the skin texture, prevent wrinkles, and remove the old and waste cutin on the surface.

3. When using toner, be sure to use weak acidic water, especially after cleaning the skin with alkaline facial cleanser, and pay attention to adjusting the pH value of the skin.

4. Replenish water and nutrients. Only with sufficient water and nutrients can the skin be beautiful, shiny and beautiful.

5. There are substances attacking our skin in the environment all the time, so we should do a good job in protecting our skin at any time. Especially in the environment with serious pollution, isolation work should be done to prevent pollutants from invading pores and causing blockage.